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So hey again! I did this little shoot with pictures I took when I was bored but I happened to really like it. I especially like the first one of me with the cigarette for some reason. No though, I do not smoke. 

So over the past week, I have been painting my face a lot. I also have taken many pictures (so more to come). As imperfect as this shoot was, because I only did it once, I liked it a lot. It took forever to paint and then I even regretted drawing the line on my nose. I hated it but I absolutely loved the concept of being as perfect as a girl in a comic book. As you can see, that’s where the idea came from and I think it was brilliant.

So here are my Halloween pictures. Very spoopy. Well for Halloween my friend, Emma, was a dead bride and I was her dead bridesmaid. For the record, I do not smoke, this was simply just for the picture. Even though I’m too late for Halloween, happy Halloween!

So hello guys! I’m starting a new blog just for my photography. I’m obviously not that great because i just got my camera and I’m still learning how to use it. I’m still going to try though. I take a lot of pictures outside and in my room. I try do “photo shoots” (I guess you could call them) at least once a week BUT my laptop is filled with other pictures I have taken and photos I have edited. So, overall, I have quite a bit to post. For example, one of the “photo shoots” I am finishing up is Halloween/ Mitch Lucker themed. RIP Mitch. 

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